Friday, November 6, 2015

Alias Hook


Another great book to share!

Alias Hook, by Lisa Jensen
Here's my review from

"This is definitely not Disney's peter pan! I really liked the twists in the story and it made me view Pan in an entirely different light....and the light isn't flattering. The author's style is descriptive and I can tell she did her research and all of this put me right next to Hook in the story. I also loved the mermaids in this version. The descriptions of them were so vivid and unlike any I've read so far. Awesome! :D

The only issue I had is that by the end of the book, it started to feel long. I guess I was just anxious to see how it all turned out, (and I've never been good with patience) so it felt like it wasn't moving fast enough for me. However, I feel like the pace of the novel helped to emphasize how Hook felt. Oh, and I'd say this is more for adults than children (sex and violence and what not...after all it is about pirates).

Overall a very good book and I highly recommend it!"

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