Tuesday, August 4, 2015

The Dovekeepers


I've got a truly wonderful, amazing book to share. The Dovekeepers by Alice Hoffman is amazing and left me speechless (a not-too-easy feat) and even now I'll have random thoughts about the book, remembering some scene or other.

I first found out about this awesome book from the tv special earlier this year. I loved the special and when I realized it was a book by Alice Hoffman (author of many books, including Practical Magic) I was intrigued. I asked my friend, who is a regular Hoffman aficionado, about the book. She said it was amazing. I decided to try it out over summer break.

Now, I'll admit that I haven't been a fan of all Hoffman novels I've read. I started with Skylight Confessions and I did not like it. I could not connect with the characters at all. Then I moved onto Practical Magic. That movie is one of my all-time favorite movies (I mean I really love it!!!!!). I thought I'd like the book just as much. Well, it's still very true that you shouldn't compare books and movies. I liked the book quite a bit, but it was very different from the movie. I also started another one, but quit about 50 pages in.

So, now you're probably wondering why I'm recommending one of her books? Well, The Dovekeepers is completely different. I loved it. The characters captivated me and Hoffman created them in such a way that I built a connection with all of them, especially Yael. I learned about Masada very, very briefly in a class a few years ago, so I was very interested to read a novel that depicted this event and time period.

You can definitely tell that Hoffman did her research (and not just because she includes a bibliography...YAY!!!) in all the small details and the authenticity throughout the novel. I really enjoyed reading about Ancient Jewish history (despite all of my history classes, I haven't really had much in  this area). And all of this research and character development comes on top of Hoffman's incredible mastery of words.

............................................ok, now for the buts.............it's a great, wonderful, amazing book...But this is not a happy-go-lucky time period. Things were especially bad for women and one scene in the book captures this in heart-breaking and infuriating detail. And if you know even the tiniest bit of the story of Masada, then you know what's coming.
Second But....I love Hoffman's writing in this book, but it is distinct and different and it might not be for everyone.

Bottom line this book is really good and I can't recommend it enough! Oh, did you want a picture amidst all this text? ;)

The Dovekeepers, by Alice Hoffman

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