Friday, June 5, 2015

Simply Sweet

Hello all,

Some new earrings and new beads to boot!
Just made these recently for a coworker who was looking for blue earrings. I saw the beads and I just fell in love. For whatever reason I am a sucker for small floral patterns. Fabric, paper, cross stitch, name it, I'll probably like it!

My only problem with the beads was how to style them without overpowering them. They are after all, small. So I decided to use gold and simple spacers. I didn't twist the wire either because I thought that would be too much for the earrings.

I think the small spacers add just enough of a finish to the beads without detracting from them. Not to brag, but I'm quite happy with these!
The best part? The flower on the hooks! I found these a few years ago and I've used them sparingly to complete flower earrings. I love when everything can match and come together! 

~ Happy Crafting Everyone ~ 

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