Monday, June 22, 2015

Shelving and Shifting: 3 - Girls, Girls, Girls

Hello all,

Here are my shelves with all female authors. I was getting my classics shelf together and I couldn't help but notice the ratio between male and female authors. So I said to myself (self, I said) I'm making a shelf just for the ladies! And I'm quite happy to say that the female authors have started to take over the classics shelf (you go girls!)

 and of course Jane Austen is front and center! Also Sarah Addison Allen. I think I've read all of Allen's books and apart from one, I like them all!
 The Help is wonderful. Both the movie and the book! I've wanted to read The Historian for a few years, but it's pretty big and kinda intimidating...I figure if I own it I'm one step closer, right? Chocolat (can you see it back there?), though different from the movie, is very good. It's also part of a seriesThe Sea Captain's Wife is wonderful (it's next to Chocolat)! I'll admit that I still haven't read all of the books on my shelf, but I own books not only for reading, but also cause I just like to look at them ;)

~ Happy Reading Everyone ~

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