Saturday, June 20, 2015

Back Home

Hello all,

I actually have a real reason for the lack of posts! I went to Disneyland! We met up with some family and we also battled the hoards of people and the heat (ick, double ICK!)
Normally when my family and I go, it's off season and quiet and fairly cool.

This trip really wasn't like that. The first night was grad night and after about four or five hours of being around screaming (yes, literally screaming) teenagers I'm done. I know I was a teenager and all teenagers are irritating, but I swear these ones were irritating squared! Luckily grad night only happened once.

The other days were just incredibly crowded and once it stopped being overcast, it was bright and hot! We got to the park by about 8:30am on the weekend and by 12:30-1:00pm, we were done with it all. I hate to complain about Disneyland (happiest place on earth and all), but people and the weather can ruin it.

When you have to wait in line for an hour or more (one ride was at an 85-90 minute wait...we did not wait for this) you 1) don't get to go on a lot of rides, 2)get really tired and sore feet (why is standing harder on your feet and legs than walking?) and finally you stop caring if you go on this ride or that or eat at this restaurant or that one.

I may sound like a baby (because I mostly am) but the trip, aside from visiting, which was so much fun and sooooo nice, was not one I was really looking forward to and it really wasn't that enjoyable. Oh wait, Fantasmic! That is (and I assume always will be) wonderful and if you go to Disneyland, you MUST see it! For me, it's not only a fun show, but it reminds me of happy times when I was a kid so it's like comfort food.

Anyways, enough of my whingeing. Here are some of the pictures.

 Do you know where this is? I played a game with some friends. We sent them pics and they had to guess where we were in the parks. It's super fun!
 In line for Pineapple whip
 This was a harder one for the game, but they got it! They're too good!
 Wanted to send this one, but it felt a little mean...
 Oh, sooooo yummy!!!!!
Oh, it's CANDY CORN!!! this is on the Heimlich ride. It's for children and it's my mom's comment.
 Oh Haunted it bad if I say I'd love to have a few tombstones in my front yard?
 Disney is amazing about everything! Look at their plants! I have garden envy.
Yes, caught the train in the pic!!! 
 Two awesome rides. Sadly we didn't get a chance to go on either this trip....

Oh yes, and it's the 60th, so I got some pictures of the castle. 

While it's not really my taste, you can't deny that Disney went all out! 

Overall it was an ok trip, but I would never go back in summer. Oh well. I'll have to share some of the goodies I got...more than I anticipated, but so cool! 


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  1. Yes, you were very brave to do it in the summer! Did you get to see the new parade and fireworks though? I've heard they were amazing.

    I know what you mean about grad night though. Never been in the parks during one, but I worked one back in Florida at Hollywood Studios... middle school grad night. It was awful.