Monday, June 22, 2015

Shelving and Shifting: 3 - Girls, Girls, Girls

Hello all,

Here are my shelves with all female authors. I was getting my classics shelf together and I couldn't help but notice the ratio between male and female authors. So I said to myself (self, I said) I'm making a shelf just for the ladies! And I'm quite happy to say that the female authors have started to take over the classics shelf (you go girls!)

 and of course Jane Austen is front and center! Also Sarah Addison Allen. I think I've read all of Allen's books and apart from one, I like them all!
 The Help is wonderful. Both the movie and the book! I've wanted to read The Historian for a few years, but it's pretty big and kinda intimidating...I figure if I own it I'm one step closer, right? Chocolat (can you see it back there?), though different from the movie, is very good. It's also part of a seriesThe Sea Captain's Wife is wonderful (it's next to Chocolat)! I'll admit that I still haven't read all of the books on my shelf, but I own books not only for reading, but also cause I just like to look at them ;)

~ Happy Reading Everyone ~

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Latte Love

Hello all,

I've got a new wip. Sorry I haven't posted any updates. I just get so excited that I forget about pictures.

I got this pattern from (surprise, surprise) The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery.  You can find this particular pattern here. It only calls for four colors (yes!) and I've stitched it on 14 count Aida cloth. I started it on white and then when I was about to stitch the white floss, I realized I had a problem.
Luckily I had only finished the words, so I started on black. I will admit I was kind of scared to stitch on black, but like my mom told me, I just had something light behind the fabric and it was fine (the only bad thing is you can really see the cat fur). 
I'll do an updated picture pretty soon because I've made some more progress. 

~ Happy Crafting Everyone ~

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Back Home

Hello all,

I actually have a real reason for the lack of posts! I went to Disneyland! We met up with some family and we also battled the hoards of people and the heat (ick, double ICK!)
Normally when my family and I go, it's off season and quiet and fairly cool.

This trip really wasn't like that. The first night was grad night and after about four or five hours of being around screaming (yes, literally screaming) teenagers I'm done. I know I was a teenager and all teenagers are irritating, but I swear these ones were irritating squared! Luckily grad night only happened once.

The other days were just incredibly crowded and once it stopped being overcast, it was bright and hot! We got to the park by about 8:30am on the weekend and by 12:30-1:00pm, we were done with it all. I hate to complain about Disneyland (happiest place on earth and all), but people and the weather can ruin it.

When you have to wait in line for an hour or more (one ride was at an 85-90 minute wait...we did not wait for this) you 1) don't get to go on a lot of rides, 2)get really tired and sore feet (why is standing harder on your feet and legs than walking?) and finally you stop caring if you go on this ride or that or eat at this restaurant or that one.

I may sound like a baby (because I mostly am) but the trip, aside from visiting, which was so much fun and sooooo nice, was not one I was really looking forward to and it really wasn't that enjoyable. Oh wait, Fantasmic! That is (and I assume always will be) wonderful and if you go to Disneyland, you MUST see it! For me, it's not only a fun show, but it reminds me of happy times when I was a kid so it's like comfort food.

Anyways, enough of my whingeing. Here are some of the pictures.

 Do you know where this is? I played a game with some friends. We sent them pics and they had to guess where we were in the parks. It's super fun!
 In line for Pineapple whip
 This was a harder one for the game, but they got it! They're too good!
 Wanted to send this one, but it felt a little mean...
 Oh, sooooo yummy!!!!!
Oh, it's CANDY CORN!!! this is on the Heimlich ride. It's for children and it's my mom's comment.
 Oh Haunted it bad if I say I'd love to have a few tombstones in my front yard?
 Disney is amazing about everything! Look at their plants! I have garden envy.
Yes, caught the train in the pic!!! 
 Two awesome rides. Sadly we didn't get a chance to go on either this trip....

Oh yes, and it's the 60th, so I got some pictures of the castle. 

While it's not really my taste, you can't deny that Disney went all out! 

Overall it was an ok trip, but I would never go back in summer. Oh well. I'll have to share some of the goodies I got...more than I anticipated, but so cool! 


Sunday, June 7, 2015

Power Yoga

Hello all,

I've got another book to share. I read this a few years ago when I wanted to get back into Yoga. I remember it being very informative and interesting. I also really like the poses and series she showed, but......I never got back into Yoga.

So, this month I'd like to (once more) try to get back into a regular routine for yoga.

Power Yoga: An Individualized Approach to Strength, Grace, and Inner Peace by Ulrica Norberg
Here is the link

Friday, June 5, 2015

Simply Sweet

Hello all,

Some new earrings and new beads to boot!
Just made these recently for a coworker who was looking for blue earrings. I saw the beads and I just fell in love. For whatever reason I am a sucker for small floral patterns. Fabric, paper, cross stitch, name it, I'll probably like it!

My only problem with the beads was how to style them without overpowering them. They are after all, small. So I decided to use gold and simple spacers. I didn't twist the wire either because I thought that would be too much for the earrings.

I think the small spacers add just enough of a finish to the beads without detracting from them. Not to brag, but I'm quite happy with these!
The best part? The flower on the hooks! I found these a few years ago and I've used them sparingly to complete flower earrings. I love when everything can match and come together! 

~ Happy Crafting Everyone ~