Wednesday, April 29, 2015


Hello all,

Finally an update on my toast pattern. I haven't been working on this pattern as quickly. I've actually been keeping up with my school work (I'm quite shocked myself) and in my continuing struggle to be mature I've put the cross stitch on the back burner and finished books for school.

 I was too lazy to straighten the fabric....or remove it from the hoop (my mom gave it to me so I could make my fabric very taught. And it is nice to have the fabric that tight, but I hate fighting to get the metal part back into the plastic part!! So I wasn't going to fight with it for the picture)
 Isn't the toast so cute! I've found that I have some issues with counting. I had finished this big chunk of red and was so excited until I looked at the pattern and realized I messed up the last three rows. Sadly I ripped them out and fixed them.
Ok, so again issues with counting here. First off the "a" is one stitch too long, but I let that one go because I don't think you can really tell. Second issue: that turd-blossom of an "h." Can you see that it's four stitches wide? Well it's supposed to be three. I didn't notice this until I was finished with the second "o" and was getting ready to start on the exclamation point. And when I counted on my pattern I realized that something was off. 
Well since I'd already ripped out three rows you'd think this would be easy right? Yeah no. I really don't care for stitching letters, and I think "yahoo" gets the toast's mood across, so I'm going to do a plain period, but in toaster red. Oh, and I forgot that I also messed up on counting with the speech bubble. Don't know what happened here. Oh wait, now I remember. I hate (and suck at) math! But the toast is so cute, it's worth it.

~ Happy Crafting Everyone ~

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  1. Aren't counting mistakes the worst?!? Hate them. That being said, I didn't even notice with yours until you pointed it out, so that's good. I know what you mean about the hoop being a pain too, although the traditional wooden ones are even worse in that aspect.