Thursday, April 30, 2015

Wicked Hard!

Hello all,

I have a new pattern! I'm quite excited to be working on two at once. When I started cross stitching I decided that I was going to limit my number of WIPs. I have a tendency to get really excited and into something at the start, and then it all peters out. I really enjoy cross stitch so I don't want to jeopardize my interest in it by overloading the system.

Anyways, here it is:
I've gotten pretty far! 

Ok, here was my progress (yes I mean was):
Aren't they cute?! Well, here is another story of my sad relationship with math and counting. 

If you look closely at the edges you can see that my stitched fabric is a few inches shorter than the other piece. Yes well my mom helped me figure out that the finished size will be 16"x9" So what do I do? I cut a piece at 12"x9." I almost cried when I realized this.
Well, I've got the right size now and I started working on it again. And as I was a few rows into Fiyero I remembered that I wanted to put Elphie in his place. So really, third time's the charm. 

And the moral of this maddening lesson? Never, NEVER begin a project when you're tired, especially when you're too tired to even figure out what the finished size will be. And should you decide to begin a pattern when you're tired, if you start ripping rows out then just put the pattern down and walk away. Walk. Away. 

I'm super bummed because I wanted to finish this for mother's day. Well, I told my mom she should get it for father's day. I've thought of something else to do for mother's day. 

~ Happy  Crafting Everyone ~

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