Thursday, April 2, 2015

Mon Cocoa


I wanted to share an update with you. First off, I should let you know that I've taken up cross stitch. :)

My mom has been cross stitching for years and I've watched her stitch and promptly said no thank you! Fairly recently I've thought about trying it because there are so many pretty/cute patterns that I'd like and it's not fair to ask my mom to make them all for me.

To add to this, my friend (who came to town a couple of weeks ago) started a cross stitching blog...last year? It's awesome and the patterns she picks make it look not scary complicated. And then I met up with my cousins for a party and one of them has taken up cross stitching again too. Sheesh, ok I get it Universe!

So, my mom pulled out a pattern that is unbelievably cute and good for beginners. You can find it on The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery. Side note, I was going to wait until I had actually finished my first pattern before I bought more, but everything was just too cute and adorable and I couldn't wait, so I bought...a few.

After a trip to Michael's, I started working on it last Saturday (March 28). 
And here it is:

It was way easier than I thought (I tend to build things up in my head) and it was fun and relaxing. That being said, I kind of got caught up in stitching because here is what I had done by Monday night:

 Like I said, SUPER CUTE!!! I'm going to change the pattern a bit and put the words underneath the mug. My only issue is that you can't really see the marshmallows. My mom recommended using a lightish grey to outline them. Apart from that I LOVE this pattern and I'm so amazed at how easy it is. 

Since I'm pretty close to finishing, I've chosen my next pattern and on Saturday I'll take my coupon into Michael's, get my threads (hopefully they'll have them all) and get started. 

~ Happy Crafting Everyone ~

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  1. Ooh, I LOVE it, and love the marshmallows. Your mom is right, a light gray outline would probably make them stand out perfectly. I have never seen this Frosted Pumpkin pattern before, but it is cute! Love their stuff.

    Welcome to our stitchery world, haha.