Thursday, April 30, 2015

Wicked Hard!

Hello all,

I have a new pattern! I'm quite excited to be working on two at once. When I started cross stitching I decided that I was going to limit my number of WIPs. I have a tendency to get really excited and into something at the start, and then it all peters out. I really enjoy cross stitch so I don't want to jeopardize my interest in it by overloading the system.

Anyways, here it is:
I've gotten pretty far! 

Ok, here was my progress (yes I mean was):
Aren't they cute?! Well, here is another story of my sad relationship with math and counting. 

If you look closely at the edges you can see that my stitched fabric is a few inches shorter than the other piece. Yes well my mom helped me figure out that the finished size will be 16"x9" So what do I do? I cut a piece at 12"x9." I almost cried when I realized this.
Well, I've got the right size now and I started working on it again. And as I was a few rows into Fiyero I remembered that I wanted to put Elphie in his place. So really, third time's the charm. 

And the moral of this maddening lesson? Never, NEVER begin a project when you're tired, especially when you're too tired to even figure out what the finished size will be. And should you decide to begin a pattern when you're tired, if you start ripping rows out then just put the pattern down and walk away. Walk. Away. 

I'm super bummed because I wanted to finish this for mother's day. Well, I told my mom she should get it for father's day. I've thought of something else to do for mother's day. 

~ Happy  Crafting Everyone ~

Wednesday, April 29, 2015


Hello all,

Finally an update on my toast pattern. I haven't been working on this pattern as quickly. I've actually been keeping up with my school work (I'm quite shocked myself) and in my continuing struggle to be mature I've put the cross stitch on the back burner and finished books for school.

 I was too lazy to straighten the fabric....or remove it from the hoop (my mom gave it to me so I could make my fabric very taught. And it is nice to have the fabric that tight, but I hate fighting to get the metal part back into the plastic part!! So I wasn't going to fight with it for the picture)
 Isn't the toast so cute! I've found that I have some issues with counting. I had finished this big chunk of red and was so excited until I looked at the pattern and realized I messed up the last three rows. Sadly I ripped them out and fixed them.
Ok, so again issues with counting here. First off the "a" is one stitch too long, but I let that one go because I don't think you can really tell. Second issue: that turd-blossom of an "h." Can you see that it's four stitches wide? Well it's supposed to be three. I didn't notice this until I was finished with the second "o" and was getting ready to start on the exclamation point. And when I counted on my pattern I realized that something was off. 
Well since I'd already ripped out three rows you'd think this would be easy right? Yeah no. I really don't care for stitching letters, and I think "yahoo" gets the toast's mood across, so I'm going to do a plain period, but in toaster red. Oh, and I forgot that I also messed up on counting with the speech bubble. Don't know what happened here. Oh wait, now I remember. I hate (and suck at) math! But the toast is so cute, it's worth it.

~ Happy Crafting Everyone ~

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Mon Cocoa est Fini!


Ok, so I finished this about a week ago, but I got too preoccupied by my new pattern (yahoo!)...and I may or may not have misplaced my finished pattern (ok, I almost lost it, but it's ok now!).

Here is mon cocoa:

I Love it! It's so cute and I always smile when I look at it!
I finished this on a Sunday (I think) and that same evening I started on my toast. 

On that note, here is my new project:
 I've made some more progress since this photo which I will share soon. 

I just realized that I've never said what materials I used. (yes, I am indeed a goober) 
I'm using 14 count Aida, off white, natural? Not sure which exact color, but as you can see, it's white. All of my floss has been DMC so far. One pattern I want to do calls for...Weeks. It's for the Zombieloaf pattern over at The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery. SO CUTE!!!

~ Happy Crafting Everyone ~

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Geek Alert


I just wanted to promote a new show coming from Alan Tudyk and Nathan Fillion. It's called Con Man.  It looks awesome and funny and I can't wait!

Thanks for letting me geek out! :D

~ B

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy Easter!


I just wanted to wish you all a happy and fun Easter!

~ B

Friday, April 3, 2015

Shelving and Shifting: 2


Here are a couple of shelves that have changed.

 Ok, this is my new non-fiction shelf. As you can see I've gotten some more IKEA books (YAY). I also, kind of collect bookmarks and so here you can see my tin of bookmarks. I also keep my bedtime reading books (currently it's between Harry Potter and The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake). I've also gotten enough cookbooks to create a cookbook shelf, so they've moved.

This is my...classics...fiction...some shelf. The first row is overflow from my female author's shelf. This year I'm going to try and read The Princess Bride
Well that's it for now, thanks for stopping by! 

Here's Part 1

~ Happy Reading Everyone ~

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Mon Cocoa


I wanted to share an update with you. First off, I should let you know that I've taken up cross stitch. :)

My mom has been cross stitching for years and I've watched her stitch and promptly said no thank you! Fairly recently I've thought about trying it because there are so many pretty/cute patterns that I'd like and it's not fair to ask my mom to make them all for me.

To add to this, my friend (who came to town a couple of weeks ago) started a cross stitching blog...last year? It's awesome and the patterns she picks make it look not scary complicated. And then I met up with my cousins for a party and one of them has taken up cross stitching again too. Sheesh, ok I get it Universe!

So, my mom pulled out a pattern that is unbelievably cute and good for beginners. You can find it on The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery. Side note, I was going to wait until I had actually finished my first pattern before I bought more, but everything was just too cute and adorable and I couldn't wait, so I bought...a few.

After a trip to Michael's, I started working on it last Saturday (March 28). 
And here it is:

It was way easier than I thought (I tend to build things up in my head) and it was fun and relaxing. That being said, I kind of got caught up in stitching because here is what I had done by Monday night:

 Like I said, SUPER CUTE!!! I'm going to change the pattern a bit and put the words underneath the mug. My only issue is that you can't really see the marshmallows. My mom recommended using a lightish grey to outline them. Apart from that I LOVE this pattern and I'm so amazed at how easy it is. 

Since I'm pretty close to finishing, I've chosen my next pattern and on Saturday I'll take my coupon into Michael's, get my threads (hopefully they'll have them all) and get started. 

~ Happy Crafting Everyone ~

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Just Some Fun


Ok, so just silliness for today!

SOOO yummy!!!

Oh, Bob... 

Happy April Everyone! 

~ B