Monday, March 9, 2015

What's Black, White and Red all over?

Some new earrings! I made these guys a LONG time ago. So long ago that I can't remember where I bought the beads.......maybe Michael's?

Ok, so obviously the beads are different, but I also used gold and silver hardware. I personally love silver and very, very rarely wear gold, but I know some people like it. 
So these beads follow a pattern I was working with early on. Small bead(s) on ends, spacer, Main bead, spacer and small bead(s) to finish. I've moved away from this pattern, but I still like it. Of course, as I look at these I'm noticing that they're crooked and I didn't twist the gold wire...

Tomorrow I'll show you guys a new design that really deviates from this pattern. 

~Happy Crafting Everyone~

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