Thursday, March 26, 2015

Shelving and Shifting


Ok, as promised my bookshelves as they were. I don't buy a lot of books now (I'm a library gal) but when I did get some really great deals at the library book sale or a thrift store, I came home and looked for a place to put the book. Well I ran out of places.

I decided that I would keep only the books I know I liked or that I still wanted to read. (although the books I decided to give away still haven't left the step at a time, right?) So once I had cleared a couple of cubbies, I decided to shake things up.

I had always organized my books alphabetically by author's last name. I had tried to do it by genre a few years ago and it was madness, madness I say! But, alphabetically just felt too blah, so I went back to a genre sorting system...of sorts.

 Here is my non-fiction shelf....the far right contains my IKEA books....aren't they gorgeous! ;)
I apologize for the poor quality. It was at night and I needed the flash. This shelf is my classics shelf. 
As I'm sure you can tell, this is the Twilight shelf, with some L.O.T.R. thrown in for good measure. (and apparently these pictures were taken in March)
 This is the short story/poetry/play shelf.
Ahh, the romance novel shelf. Can you tell that the red vase is in the shape of a heart? Appropriate, no?

 Hmm, what to call this shelf? Um, modern fiction? Oh, and my little ant of course!
 This is one of my Children's lit shelves. 

In addition to organizing by genre, I decided to try new ways of putting the books on the shelves. See classics, twilight, romance and modern fic. For some shelves this helped me put more books on one shelf and it looks pretty. 
The new shelves will be coming in a couple of days. 

~Happy Reading Everyone~

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