Sunday, March 1, 2015

Lazy Sunday

Hi everyone!

Just wanted to share a bit of my lazy day today. I went outside to take some pictures while the weather was nice. 

 The plum blossoms are blooming and they're just so pretty.
When I was taking pics, the bees were very buzzzzzzzy....
 I can't remember what kind of fruit tree this is. I trimmed it back a couple of years ago, but I guess it's not quite done blooming. Anyways, the flowers make me smile.
 A close up.
 Our little Lilies coming up.
 The apple is a Pink Lady. They're now my favorite! They have a sweet and tart taste and they're soooo crispy. The granola is from a cooking show and it's so yummy!
 This is not a book for fun. This is very much a school book that I'm slogging through. I'll try to give a brief review when I finish.
I LOVE this picture! I was on the couch and Lils was on the window sill basking in the sun. Not to gush too much, but isn't she such a beautiful kitty. I actually think this would be a loverly picture to have framed. 
Anyways, I hope you all had a lovely Sunday too! 

This month is going to be a busy month. My mom and I are going to hang with some good friends from out of town (YAY!) and school is promising to get busy...ier....and to that I say, eek! Hopefully you have something fun happening this month, especially if there's stress on the horizon. 
Well, happy March everyone! 

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