Tuesday, March 24, 2015

And Deep Breath In 1, 2, 3....


Well now that I've turned in the essay (that I may or may not have forgotten about) I can take a couple of deep breaths.

And I just wanted to give a random update as well (not sure you care, but hey, it's my blog, right?). I just started a new book (third in a series) and it is amazing. I will definitely share this puppy with y'all!

And what a lovely segue to my next bit of news. The past two weekends were quite awesome because some wonderful friends...more like family, came in from Mississippi [where they moved when they abandoned me....but I'm not blaming anyone, nope, no sirree bob....anyways] for a  wonderful visit and to have some crafty fun! I'll share pics of what we made soon.

Hmm, what else is new......that actually might be it. Oh, wait, I do have one technical update. I figured out how to change my favicon (the little image in the tab beside my blog's name). I'm still working on other changes, so hush hush for now.

Ok, well that's about all that's new. Here are some older pics.

 The weather I'd love to have right about now.... mais, c'est la vie....
 Pansies! Oh, such chipper little flowers! ........these are pansies, aren't they?
Ok, I know these are poppies! I LOVE poppies! They just make me smile. 

Ok, well I guess that's it for today. This weekend I'll try to get some posts together to show the changes in my bookshelves (of which I need many, many more...)

~ B

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