Sunday, February 22, 2015

Buggy Baubles

Hello all!

Finally some new earrings. I can't even remember when I was given these beads. I love these beads so much and I knew I was going to keep them for myself, but I could NOT come up with a design to save my life.

The hole in the middle of the bead is pretty large so it kept slipping off of the headpins, so I kept looking for the right beads or spacers to use. The trick was finding a spacer that would keep the bead on the headpin, but not interfere with the focus on the bead.

I'm very happy with the result.

Like I said, I LOVE these beads. I used the plainest spacer I had and once I found these kidney hooks (I'm fairly positive this is the actual name) I knew I had the design down! 

On a side note, my camera was not my friend for this photo shoot. It kept focusing on the branches and blossoms behind the earrings....oh technology....but in the end I'm quite pleased with the results. 

I took advantage of the light and I've got more earrings to come! 

~ Happy Crafting Everyone~

Saturday, February 7, 2015


Hello all!
I promise I'm still here!

Just haven't been as motivated to blog, or even make earrings. After last semester I was wiped out! I may sound dramatic here (I've been told by many that I should wear a crown...whatevs), but after school I was pretty drained emotionally and mentally and I spent most of break working, and reading fairly light and easy-read books. I also spent a lot of time finishing my epic Gilmore Girls marathon (about four seasons worth, yay!)

But now, I think I should try and do something crafty and blog-related at least once a week. A couple of months ago I found this on pinterest and then discovered a new, wonderful blog! You can find the quote and post here. I think part of my creative problem is that I look at too many wonderful things and then I can't muster the energy to go and actually MAKE something.

Oh well, at least break wasn't wholly unproductive. I got a good head start on my reading challenge! ;)    So, I just wanted to stop in and say hello!

I also wanted to share the wonderful weather for the weekend..........much loved and much needed rain!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!