Saturday, June 14, 2014

Have I Told You Lately...

Hello all!
I have something very fun and exciting to share (for me at least). I have a new hobby! Soap and Lotion Making! Here's Soaps and Lotion-A History (I'll try to be brief).

Last year my mom and I went to a class on Cold-Process Soap Making with Marie and her daughter Alyssa. Marie and Alyssa are wonderful, awesome, funny, great all around (can you tell I like them).

So, back to class; my mom and I thought this would be fun and we're into the idea of making our own products and I'm a fan of no animal testing. Long story short (it was like a three hour class) we had fun, but we weren't too wild about cold process. So, how is this a new hobby?!

Well, my friends, we then took Marie and Alyssa's soy candle class, lotion class, quick Christmas gifts class, glycerin soaps class, lotions class again (and introduced a friend to these wonderful ladies) and then we took a Spa Boot camp, and finally we took their spa class. Needless to say we were hooked on the classes, the products and our wonderful instructors-turned-friends.

So now, here we are, practically a year later. I still love ALL of the products we made and this summer my mom and I are going to be doing some serious creating (to prep for some future ideas and dreams). And because I see this as becoming another big hobby, I figured I'd share it with you all!

To kick it off, I have some Glycerin, or Melt-and-Pour, soap.

Rainbow Melt-and-pour. Don't you love this soap?! I kind of don't want to tell you how to make it; once you find out how easy it is, you won't be as impressed. :-) JK.

 Argh, I can't turn this photo. I'm still operating on a very basic version of windows (I can't crop, or brighten pics, so sad). This is the basic soap. This is supposed to be green, but because the soap base was white, the color could only get so dark.

This is glycerin soap with oatmeal to exfoliate. I haven't tried it yet, but I'm sure I'll love it.

This is a double pour. It's hard to see because the green layer is super light. The flowers are the green layer and obviously there is a light blue layer. Aside from the double layers, it's plain soap.

Loofah soap bar! I LOVE how the green color came out here. The green is a bit stronger because this soap base was clear.

Here's a better shot of the loofah.

This is by far my most favorite soap of the class! I'm making this picture larger because I want you guys to be able to see the shimmer in the color. This is a double color. What we did was pour two colors into the mold, from either end, at the same time. It looks like a twinkly night sky. I know I have to use the soap (don't save it for nice!) but I'll be sad to see the colors go.
More info and individual posts will come later, but until then: Have you ever tried making your own soap? Are you interested in trying?
~Happy Crafting Everyone~

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