Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Father's Day

Hello all!
I just wanted to take a quick moment to wish that all the fathers out there had a wonderful day!
We took in a show and then went out to eat and we're watching Deadliest Catch to end a loverly ( I know I spelled "loverly"..... it's Brianne speak) day!

This is the simple card I made for my papier (that's one of my nicknames for him). It's a simple quote, but it really covers it all. My dad and I bicker, argue, fight and stew in silence. We disagree and try not to say "I told you so" and we annoy each other to no end. But I will always love my dad, even when I'm angry or irritated. He is the one and only dad I have and I love him to bits and pieces.
Happy fathers day to all the dads! :-)
~ B

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