Sunday, May 18, 2014

Packaging: Part 3

Hello all!
Here is another packaging method for earrings.
This is the one that I use. My mom pretty much came up with the design from her experience with card-making and crafting in general.

These are super simple! All you need is:
- paper (a heavier weight preferred)
- stamp of your choice
- ink pad 
-hole punches (in the picture above I have used a
rectangle and a round to fit the lever back hooks)

Oh and to add a little pizzazz you can always use Stickles (glitter). So simple, so cute!

This is the newer version I've been using. It's a lot quicker to make and it allows you to see the earrings a little bit better.

This is the original packaging. Very simple, but I like it. I used white and black paper as the backdrop for earrings, but I have found that the earrings show up on white paper a lot better than black paper.

What makes me love this packaging method is the ease of storage. To store these, you just need a sealable bag or container and when you need to take them to a craft fair, you can take that bag or container.
I've found some other packaging methods on pinterest and google that I'm curious about trying. I'll definitely let you guys know how they turned out! 
~Happy Crafting Everyone~

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