Thursday, May 8, 2014

How you doin?

Hello all!
I thought I would share a hilarious photo of my little baby, but first a story.

There once was a kitty named Iris. This kitty was ever so pretty. Until, sadly one day, upon the pretty kitty's behind, her mama found a boo-boo that was not so pretty. The pretty kitty's mama was quite concerned. And in a flash, in a moment...... the pretty kitty was coned.

Ok, now that's over with (please excuse the awful rhyming), here is my pretty kitty.

*Iris' Thoughts*
*How you doin? I'm so sweet and pretty. Won't you take this @#!$%&* cone off of me. Wink wink*
(Yes my cute little girl has the mouth of a sailor and a truck-driver combined)
My darling girl is wearing the cone of shame because she had either licked her tushy raw or had suffered an injury. She has been in the cone for awhile and with some ointment au natural, her tushy is looking fine and dandy (apart from being bald).
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