Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Country Gardens: Summer 2014

Hello all!
I received a wonderful treat in the mail. I tried to wait (school is almost over and with it comes boundless free time to read) but I couldn't help myself.
I read a couple of articles before I put I aside, but not before I saw these pictures.
*Disclaimer, the cover page and article are copyrighted by "Country Gardens" Magazine, published by the Meredith National Media Group.*
Now that's over with, let's look at some pretty pictures.   :D

I just wanted to step into the pages with a glass of iced tea and enjoy a quiet afternoon. I was so mesmerized by the pictures that I didn't even read the article. 
I just wanted to share this wonderful magazine with everyone. I had been buying each issue when I went to Barnes and Noble and then it hit me: why not subscribe?! That way I'm guaranteed to get each issue of Country Garden goodness.
I hope you guys pick one up next time you're at a magazine stand or a bookstore, or even your local library (if they have it). It's well worth it!
~Happy Gardening Everyone~

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