Sunday, April 13, 2014

Packaging: Part 2

Hello all!
Ok, here are those boxes I was talking about. I received these from my mom's co-worker who wanted to recycle them instead of just tossing them away. I have actually used these to give earrings as gifts.

I haven't actually used these yet because I do not make bracelets.....that's a time commitment that I am not ready for. Also I'm not a big bracelet gal. I have a watch and occasionally I still wear my Italian charm bracelet, but everything else gets in my way.

 I also haven't used these (earrings are my forte, what can I say)
Ah, here are my little beauties. I have used these when I make special earrings. 

Personally I love the idea of using these boxes as packaging. Not only do you get to present something very clean and professional looking, but it opens the door to ribbon! And who doesn't love ribbon?! Sadly, I am unable to use this packaging at the moment because it would require me to increase my prices. I know people like presentation, but they also like a good deal. One day though, I would love to just use boxes...and maybe organza bags...ok I'll never pick just one :) 

Up next: Card stock. 
See ya!
~Happy Crafting Everyone~

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