Sunday, April 6, 2014


Hello all!
More books! Finally!
Ok, here's a pic of my non-fiction book shelf. Yes I've organized my books by genre. As I've said, I LOVE organization. I used to organize strictly by author's last name, but I've changed things up a bit.
So here are my beauties.
I'll have to take some pictures of my tea time books (they're in the back). They're simply gorgeous. I'd also like to point out the Ikea books on the right hand side. Beloved Homes, Step in Step Out, Everyday Counts. All are WONDERFUL! There's a textile book that I'm wanting as well. I do have a nice, small cookbook collection, but as I do not cook very often I haven't tried that many recipes. The one cookbook I use regularly isn't even here; it's in the kitchen. Let me know if you're curious about any of these. I'll try to get a picture of the books in the back too.
Thanks for visiting. See ya soon!
~Happy Reading Everyone~

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