Friday, April 4, 2014

Handmade by Yours Truly

Hello all!
I've been looking through my jewelry supplies (I like to organize and re-organize and then re-organize before I finally do anything...what can I say, I LOVE organization!) and I found these puppies.

 My mom has had specialized stamps made for her stamping creations for years and when I got into jewelry, she got me one (it made it really official and it made me feel all professional!). I picked this one out a few years ago and this was the emblem for my packaging. I still love it!

This one is the latest; it's got my blog address and everything! My older stamp was made before blogs - if you can remember such a time ;) This design is a lot cleaner, but I still like me a circle. There was less room for words because my blog address is quite long!
Thanks for visiting. See ya soon! 
~Happy Crafting Everyone~

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