Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Book Review: Layla and Majnun

Hello all!
Well, since I've announced that my blog will also include books, have there been any books? No. So here is a book.

Layla and Majnun. written by Nizami in the 12th Century. This was first published by Omega Publications Inc. in 1966 in New Lebanon, NY.
This is a sufi poem written by Nizami and is considered a romance.
I won't get into too much detail because 1) I'm not a critic or a reviewer and 2) It's better if you decide for yourself to read or not to read. :)
I will give it a rating, but first here is my rating guide:

  LOVE it!
           Really like it
                    Liked it/ It was ok
                             Did not like it/Could not finish it (yes I have not finished every book I started)

Ok, so my rating for Layla and Majnun:    

Alright, well how was my first book review? Please feel free to give feedback. I'm sure I'll be tweaking this system in time. Thanks for visiting everyone!
~ Happy Reading Everyone ~

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