Saturday, March 1, 2014

A Change is Coming

Hello all!
How are you this fine morning? I am getting ready for a "Sherlock" marathon (yay Benedict and Martin!) with my mom and a friend. I hope you can do something fun today too!

Moving on to my original point. I will be making a few changes around here (yes again).
I don't know if you remember my little book spell around here...and here.......well I've decided to include one of my other loves: BOOKS!!!

I've wanted to share so many books with you all, but I haven't because this blog is called "Brianne's Baubles" not " Brianne's Books." So my mom actually came up with the solution; "Call it Brianne's Baubles and Books!"...........hey, that could work. I get to include one of my great pleasures and I get to continue the alliteration, win-win!

So, with that in mind, I would like to show you my books (they are not all here as I have nearly run out of room).
I'll work on getting close-ups of each cubicle (I wasn't working with the best lighting). I am looking into different storage ideas, because I have given away at least two bags of books and I'm still looking for more space. I'll share some of these with you when I find them.

I hope you all choose to stay with me throughout the new changes. I do promise to work harder at keeping up on my earring posts (I know I'm lame, lame). So, here's to a new page -get it ;)- in my blogging adventures! Thanks for visiting everyone!

~Happy Reading Everyone~

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