Sunday, January 19, 2014

What is your Color Personality?

Hello all,
Here's something fun. I found this quiz on Better Homes and Gardens' website. You can find out your Color Personality. Not sure what you can do with that information...... 

Here is my color personality.


 I don't know if this quite fits me. For starters, I have not been a fan of pink for about...6 years now. I used to love it, and then I moved on to green. I do like the idea of a 19th C. English Cottage. Ah to have a cup of tea in front of the fireplace whilst gazing out on a lush, green landscape dotted with patches of wildflowers......................................I think I'll go  make a cup of tea and then look at English countrysides now :) 
 But before I go, what's your color personality?
Thanks for visiting!

Happy Crafting Everyone!


  1. Creamy Latte??? Wow - can I be any more BORRRING???

    1. That's not boring! That's warm, comforting and something you look forward to! :) .......besides, we can't all be blush pink :P