Thursday, January 2, 2014

Theme of the Year

Hello all and Happy New Year!!!
I hope all your celebrations were fun and safe. Did you stay up late? I didn't manage it without a nap...very sad.
I'm bummed that, yet again, I am posting after the holiday; this is one little thing I'll be working on this next year. Anyways, let us move along. I was reading this post and I liked the idea of choosing one word instead of a list. So, here are my themes for the year:




Now, they might seem contradictory, but that's me. I am both lazy and quick to anger; unfortunately these vices run very deep within me, so I shall be struggling to combat them every single day. One project I'm trying is to plan out my crafting projects. Have you ever been looking for cute Halloween garland, found some and then realized that you can't make it in two hours? Well I have, so this year I am working to avoid that ugly situation! What about you, good readers? Do you make resolutions? Are you interested in a Word Theme for the new year?

Cheers to you all and see you soon!

Happy Crafting Everyone!

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