Sunday, October 20, 2013

Under New Management...well not really

Hello all!
This past weekend my parents and I got to talking about blogs and how some blogs seem to change after they become really popular. Some blogs seem to lose whatever it was that made them feel so cool, crafty, funny, etc. Now, I haven't been blogging very long (three months!), but I have noticed that I veered away from earrings and the whole reason for my blog. Hence "New Management." I'll still continue to post about my garden, because that has become a big interest of mine, but I will definitely put more of a focus on my jewelry making.
I want to thank everyone who has continued to check out my blog and for your patience as I continue to find my true blog identity.

So to start it all off:

Now, this might not be all that exciting, but I'm actually very happy with my tools. Please take note of the nail clippers. Why are these in my tool bag? Well these were my wire cutters before I invested in a real pair of wire cutters. Now I have some lovely wire cutters with a beautiful green (it's kind of my favorite shade of green!) on the handle.
Well, thanks for stopping by and I hope you'll enjoy the changes to come!
Happy Crafting Everyone!

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