Wednesday, October 30, 2013

And they Lived Happily Ever After

Hello all!
I found these charms while browsing in my local bead shop. They were so cute and perfect that I had to get them! I held onto them for awhile before I could figure out what to do with them. I wanted to use them for earrings, but I didn't have two of each and besides two big charms on one earring would be way too much for my little ears. One day I had a brilliant thought: the charms don't have to match! Eureka!

So here are my prince and princess earrings for your pleasure:

Thanks for stopping by and hope to see you again soon!
Happy Crafting Everyone!

Friday, October 25, 2013

Seed Beads in a Tube

Hello all!
These are so pretty to look at so I thought I'd share them.

I just love to look at them. Thanks for stopping by and hope to see you again soon!
Happy Crafting Everyone!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Some Hoopy Fun!

Hello all!
Here are some earrings that started out as wine glass charms. Remember when wine glass charms were the thing, well I wanted to make some charms and when I was done, I thought they would make cute earrings. So I made them in different colors and loved them! This brings up the bad thing about making your own earrings: there is a real danger of keeping EVERYTHING you make.
These earrings are now mine and I have to buy some more hoops. Oh well, c'est la vie!

Oh, did you actually want to see those earrings. Well, I guess I'll show you:

I think I might need a pink pair, oh and orange, oh and spring green, oh and...wait, I'm not supposed to keep the next ones I make....this might be a problem.
Thanks for visiting and hope to see you all soon!
Happy Crafting Everyone!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Under New Management...well not really

Hello all!
This past weekend my parents and I got to talking about blogs and how some blogs seem to change after they become really popular. Some blogs seem to lose whatever it was that made them feel so cool, crafty, funny, etc. Now, I haven't been blogging very long (three months!), but I have noticed that I veered away from earrings and the whole reason for my blog. Hence "New Management." I'll still continue to post about my garden, because that has become a big interest of mine, but I will definitely put more of a focus on my jewelry making.
I want to thank everyone who has continued to check out my blog and for your patience as I continue to find my true blog identity.

So to start it all off:

Now, this might not be all that exciting, but I'm actually very happy with my tools. Please take note of the nail clippers. Why are these in my tool bag? Well these were my wire cutters before I invested in a real pair of wire cutters. Now I have some lovely wire cutters with a beautiful green (it's kind of my favorite shade of green!) on the handle.
Well, thanks for stopping by and I hope you'll enjoy the changes to come!
Happy Crafting Everyone!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

A little Disney Magic

I don't have any earrings to share, but I needed to post something and I figured I'd share something very beautiful. These are some of the poppies in Disneyland. I believe these are near Matterhorn (that's what the background looks like).

These are just gorgeous. I hope they've given you a smile too.
Thanks for stopping by and hope to see you soon. 

Friday, October 4, 2013

Feline Antics

Hello all!
Since I haven't had a lot of time for earrings, let's visit with the kitties! Here is a look into the antics and overall ridiculousness of my cats. I hope it makes you smile!

Two questions:
1) Why so blurry?
2) What is that green strip?

The above kitty is the whiny Iris. The first pic is my attempt to take a picture while laughing. Once I was able to compose myself I finally took a good picture. See that weird green line coming from her chin? That is a piece of grass. I'm so embarrassed to say that my cat still doesn't know how to get all the food in her mouth. Oh well. She's still pretty cute!

Gee, what is this? That doesn't look like a normal pillow case.

That is a kitty's head. But wait, this doesn't make sense...

This is the kitty emerging from a pillowcase. Let's look at that again:
The odd bulge is Lily. She had decided to get into my pillowcase (with my pillow) to take a nap. I HAD to take a picture. Once I started taking pictures, she decided to get up; I also had trouble controlling my laughter on this one....She's a sweet girl, weird but sweet.

Shh, he's sleeping.

Well, good morning handsome. Honestly Bob is just too cool to get a goofy shot of him. Don't worry, I'll be on the look out, but I don't know if it will happen. He's our little prince (really he thinks he's a prince).
Well, I hope you've enjoyed a glimpse into the craziness and poise of kitties. Thanks for visiting and hope to see you again soon!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

A Breezy Brunch

Hello all!
How are you today? Well I had a lovely brunch the other day and I thought I'd share some pictures with you. I was so happy that the weather decided to cooperate; it was cool and breezy, but thankfully not windy. As someone who suffers from allergies, the wind and I are not the best of friends. Anyway, the food was my mom's idea; a nice light buffet while we enjoy the backyard, well the parts of the backyard that are finished :)  What kind of  food do you have at brunch?

For the bread we had butter, goat cheese with herbs and cheeses. It was all quite delicious. In the background are some new ornamental peppers my dad and I bought. I'll show you some pictures when they're planted.
Thanks for visiting, hope to see you soon!