Sunday, September 8, 2013

Can we say ridiculous?

Hello all!
The other day our two girls (the Lovely Lily and the usually Irate Iris) were napping together. Normally this is a very cute thing, but this time it was ridiculous. Let me show you why:

In case you can't tell, they're both sharing a very small piece of cardboard. If you look towards the top right corner, you can see a wee bit of cardboard by Iris' head. 
I couldn't resist, so I took plenty of pictures before they got up! 

That little bit of cardboard I was telling you about.

I think this affords the best angle for both of the girls! ;)

No, no go back to sleep. Nothing potentially embarrassing going on here. 

Well I hope this has given you all a smile! I know I laughed. Thanks for stopping by and hope to see you soon!

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