Thursday, August 1, 2013

Garden Critters and Crawlies

Hello all!
As promised here is my homage to the residents of the garden.

First and foremost (and my favorite) are the squirrels!
Here is one of our little squirrels. He/She is so cute; however, he/she is burying their food in with our redwoods...not so cute. 
Yeah you want to make sure you really bury those nuts...don't worry about the roots. They're not really important. 
I have to say this is just too cute! (of course the birds probably disagree with me, seeings as how that's their bird feeder...although we do have a bird feeder just for our feathered friends so there should be peace in the garden)

Since we're already talking about birds here's a dove (I think)
I was actually surprised by how close this bird allowed me to get to him/her. (Does anyone know what kind of bird this is?)

And now on to the smaller residents...
You may not be able to see it, but here is one of our little worker bees.
I'm so happy with this picture! Not only because I was able to take it before the mantis left, but that the mantis was kind enough to get onto the purple flower instead of the green leaf! It's like he knew it was photo shoot time and played along! See humans and nature can work together!
I know it sounds crazy but if you look really close, I swear he/she is looking right at the camera! 

Well, there they are. I hope you have enjoyed meeting the residents of our garden. Have a great day!
p.s. as a safety precaution I was not able to take pictures of our nocturnal, black and white and striped friends. You know the odoriferous friends...I'll just say they're camera shy!

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