Thursday, July 25, 2013

Back from Break!!!

Hey everyone! I'm back from my break (...two years isn't too long for a break is it? ;) )
So I have made a promise to myself that I will post at least once a week. The ironic thing about my blog is that I've been taking lots of pictures of my earrings, but then my eagerness peetters out. So here goes to posting once a week. 

To kick it all off here is a pair that I made for myself. I saw these beads in the store and bought them before I had any idea of what to do. I held onto them for years (yes years of taking them out of storage to admire them and gently put them away) before I actually had any inspiration. Here is the finished product:

I'm happy to report that I have continued to love these earrings (there have been quite a few of my designs that have lost their appeal to me over time) and I'm very happy to say that my mom has actually expressed a desire to have a pair as well. (This is a very big deal because my mom is somewhat of a perfectionist and I take it as high praise!)
So there you have it. Hope you enjoy the post.


  1. Cool beans chickeroo.......looking forward to your earring posts!