Friday, May 20, 2011

Pretty Purple Earrings

These are some of my favortie earrings. I was just goofing around and the only plan I had for these earrings was that I wanted to use wire in addition to the headpins. So this is the end product.
I used purpled seed beads, clear Swarovski crystials, silver spacers, silver flower spacers and silver crimping beads. I used plain silver fish hooks. I also made more of these earrings in diferent colors.

Flower Power Rectangle Dangles!

Ok, so here's my first official "Brianne's Baubles" posting!! Yay finally!

Stats: Rectangle, blue bead with multi-color flowers, red and orange seed beads, plain gold spacers as well as gold flower spacers and to top it all off, gold, flower hooks (are you sensing a definite flower power theme?).
You may not be able to see this particular detail, but I twisted the wire at the top instead of just cutting it and bending it for a little extra flare.